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HR & Training

Boost your employee performance!

Deliver knowledge to the right people at the right time. Protect your brand by keeping the organization compliant​. Keep expensive classroom training to a minimum.


Increase user adoption

Create fun and user-friendly training material. Insert a Web Assistant into your applications. Create and distribute software training.


Satisfaction & retention

Motivate and empower your team with E-Learning on-demand. Offer online training to stimulate growth opportunities and performance checks.


Training while working from home

Onboard new employees quicker. Manage and follow-up your employees' training. Secure your business with compliancy training. Support sales & service teams.

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Boost workforce productivity

How we help you

  • E-Learning Strategy with our ZEN Best Practice methodology and Accelerator Package
  • E-Learning Content creation
  • E-Learning Solutions and Platform (initial setup, implementation, enablement, technical support)

Discover our "a la carte" and "all you can eat" solutions and choose the formula that suits your needs: Basic, Advanced, Enterprise!

"A la carte" when:

  • You need our services for one or some aspects of learning ​
  • Projects with specific scope or objective

"All you can eat" when:

  • You want to deploy a learning platform to cover specific needs​
  • You want to outsource a part or all the aspects of your digital learning platform​
  • You look for a pay as you go offering

Engage your employees with interactive and personalized E-Learning to give them the best training possible! Contact us for more info!

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