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Who we are

Amista is an IT consulting company with an edge. We provide market-leading business solutions by using SAP technology. We are known for our expertise in innovation, customer experience and digital learning.

Amista was founded in 2014 in Antwerp. Today, our team consists of over a 100 SAP rebels spread over Belgium, India and Hungary.

As a challenger in the Belgian market, our purpose is to help companies innovate and grow. We turn business challenges into opportunities, technology into value and customers into advocates. Hence our tagline: Challenge accepted!

Our mission

We make sure businesses overcome their challenges through long-term partnerships. We aim to maximize the business value of SAP investments.

Everything we do is 100% SAP focused. Whichever needs you have, our domain expertise allows us to translate your challenges into the best suitable SAP-centric solution.

Our purpose

Amista was officially registered on the 6th of June 2014 by 4 partners with a long-standing record in the IT and services industry. The date coincides with D-Day. Inspired by that historic event, we want to turn the tide with a radical new approach towards implementing software solutions: making sure our customers will be just as excited as we are to use them.

Meet the management team

Pieter-Jan Deraedt CEO bij Amista

Pieter-Jan Deraedt


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Kris Maertens Management bij Amista

Kris Maertens

Managing Partner

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Stephane Colin Management bij Amista

Stephane Colin

Managing Partner
& Head of Solutions

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Jimmy Laureys Management bij Amista

Jimmy Laureys

Managing Partner

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Fien Reunes Sales Manager bij Amista

Fien Reunes

Head of Business Development

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Joyce Vermeiren Marketing Manager bij Amista

Joyce Vermeiren

Marketing Manager

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Ilse Dox HR Manager bij Amista

Ilse Dox

HR Manager

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Michael Hossain Consultant Manager bij Amista

Michael Hossain

Consulting Manager

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Roli Mani

Managing Director Amista India

Gergely Kindla

Managing Director Amista Hungary

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Innovators, experts and rebels

Our people, this is where we make the difference! At Amista, personal initiative, development and growth are key. We are a bunch of professional and enthusiastic colleagues. All our consultants are passionate about IT & business processes and real experts in what they do. They enjoy the space and trust we offer them to make a real impact on our organization.

Life at Amista

Our values


We consider ourselves to be innovators and early adopters. We strive to stay a frontrunner when it comes to implementing cutting-edge technology.


Our people know SAP solutions inside and out. Our extensive IT knowledge comes from focussing on the complete picture instead of implementing yet another software solution.


Working at Amista is fun, fulfilling and exciting. Our people flourish in a happy work environment, where we celebrate big and small victories together.


We will only go for what is achievable. And if we commit, we will go the extra mile to make sure we can deliver. We translate that internally in the say:do ratio, which should always be equal to one. That is how we want to build trust with our customers.


Rather than spending days and months blueprinting, we believe in focusing on the features that provide the most business value combined with best practices.

One team

‘Amista’ refers to ‘make friends’ or ‘bring together’. It reflects our aim to develop healthy and long-term collaborative relationships with employees, customers and partners.

We’re proud to work with

Just like our own people, each of our customers is unique and has different needs. We are proud to be able to make a difference for companies from all possible industries.

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