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Innovation & Technology

Innovation that unlocks new value.

Go beyond SAP by innovating the way you work. Amista brings expertise in integrating various platforms and developing apps. Our applications provide users easy and fast access to relevant information, enabling them to carry out activities that were not possible before.

We help you accelerate your digital transformation with a platform specially built for innovation, it's called SAP Business Technology Platform (previously known as Cloud Platform).
Not sure yet what it means? Want to see for yourself? Our team of experts can make fast prototypes helping you to better understand the possibilities of the platform. 

Discover our SAP Business Technology Platform ebook!
In this ebook, you will learn more about some important capabilities and features. We will go into further detail on how to use it to generate short- and long-term business value. Especially SAP-driven companies have the opportunity to benefit and become best-run businesses.

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Automate repetitive tasks

SAP Intelligent RPA

What if you could run your processes faster? Serve customers better? Replace manual, repetitive tasks with processes that let people work creatively? That’s where SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP IRPA) can help. Intelligent RPA accelerates the digital transformation of business processes by automating tedious, repetitive activities where human workers bring no added value.

Integration solutions

SAP Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite allows the synchronization of data between different systems (for example CRM and ERP) to streamline business processes. As your company relies on a variety of IT applications and processes that have a major impact, it is crucial to make sure they are aligned. At Amista, we help you achieve a robust and cost-effective integration landscape connecting all of your systems so data can be exchanged across SAP and non-SAP applications.


SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP BTP is an innovative, agile platform-as-a-service that can help you achieve greater responsiveness, create a truly integrated and optimized enterprise, and accelerate digital transformation – all without the need to maintain or invest in an on-premise solution.

Boost application insights

Monitoring with Dynatrace

With seamless SAP integration, Dynatrace offers the visibility and confidence needed to monitor and deploy applications on the SAP Business Technology Platform without the need for manual configuration. Dynatrace provides high-fidelity data and end-to-end monitoring. Using Artificial Intelligence, the platform intends to give clear answers and actions to the problems that it finds in all the different components behind your application and within your application itself.

Create apps for your devices

Mobile & User Experience

Within Amista, we have a mobile development team that can design powerful, yet simple user interfaces. We bring expertise in integrating various platforms and developing apps. Our applications provide users easy and fast access to relevant information, enabling them to carry out activities that were not possible before. From checking leads to performing maintenance activities, business systems should provide the information anytime anywhere.

Our SAP expertise

We assist you in developing new applications or improve existing functionalities.

Fast Prototyping

Do you have a great idea but limited resources to realize it?  

We have the answer by helping you to realize it with our fast prototyping team. Using our design thinking methodology we can make a quick prototype within a short timeframe and with a limited investment from your side. This allows you to get a better insight if this idea will really generate value for your business.

Application development and deployment

Amista connects data from different systems and makes this information available through apps, designed to meet your business needs.

Upon application delivery, we provide the tools and skills to deploy and manage the solution.

Software architecture

Technology selection is often a complex task, where our architects can assist in making the right architectural definition. Based on requirements, the new architecture has to be defined avoiding redundancy with existing architecture. After the technology selection, our architects manage both functional requirements and constraints and close the gap between design and implementation.

IoT and the cloud

Now more than ever, the demand for quickly built business applications is growing. By selecting the right cloud service and platform, our developers can deliver applications in less time. Amista also brings you the Internet of Things for business, with solutions that integrate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people and devices.

Multi-device user experience

Modern users want an attractive and cool experience across all their devices during day-to-day tasks. Next generation front-end technologies implemented by Amista empower users to perform tasks that, in the past, could only be done by experts in complex transactions. 

Extensions on ERP

In most ERP and CRM projects, development is a necessary component. We give support in this area following SAP's keep the core clean concept. We build extensions on top of existing applications, integrate cloud apps on your infrastructure, improve the user experience and adoption with customized applications, do migrations from traditional ERP to S/4,... 

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