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Learning & Enablement

Not all classrooms have four walls.

It takes more than software to transform a business. With the implementation of innovative solutions comes change. Change in the way existing tasks are being performed. Change in the way end-users see and use data. The best way to cope with change is to help create it. Making people comfortable with the new system is an essential part of acceptance by the users.

We leverage our learning expertise to create tailored solutions, delivering best practice content, following a finely tuned implementation methodology. By combining pre-configured structure & specific content, we are able to deliver your e-learning faster, without compromising quality. 

NEW: Discover everything about the tool itself! We created an E-Learning about SAP Enable Now

NEW: Try out our E-Learning about "Cybersecurity: How do you recognize phishing emails?" created in SAP Enable Now! 

Read more about our Digital Learning approach and SAP Litmos & SAP Enable Now solutions:

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Our learning strategy

Training team enablement

We train your team to use the SAP Enable Now builder tools.

Our learning strategy

Basic Setup

We enable your training platform. This includes installing the components, basic content structuring and setting up e-learning templates.

Our learning strategy

Content creation

We create rapid e-learning and simulations. We can enrich and customize the learning experience with avatars, quizzes, audio and video.

Our learning strategy

Expert consulting

We share our knowledge and expertise on blended learning strategies and change management. We deliver expert advice to help you with more advanced topics or complex projects.

Learning solutions

What is your digital learning need?

Create digital content

SAP Enable Now is our corporate learning tool to create digital content, mostly IT related training content, and is an E-learning solution that offers four different components:

  1. Manager (light LMS capabilities)
  2. Producer (extended authoring tool)
  3. Instant Producer (easy to use recording tool)
  4. Desktop & Web Assistant (assistance in the live-system)

Why Enable Now?

  • Different outputs from one recording
  • Template-based content creation
  • Multi-modality for content re-use
  • Intelligent user assistance 
  • Ideal for software or IT-related training

Create non-IT training?
Storyline Articulate is our corporate learning tool to create non-IT-related digital learning content, for example, soft skill training.

Manage training materials

SAP Litmos is our corporate learning to manage all training materials is a next-generation Learning Experience System (LXP) that enables targeted learning, boosts employee experience and loyalty. It protects your brand by keeping the organization compliant.

Train your internal teams, external partners and even customers. 

Why Litmos?

  • Fast user-onboarding
  • Mobile app
  • Robust analytics and reporting
  • Simple integration and quick deployment
  • Universal accessibility 
  • Easy course creation as compliancy training, soft skills,...
  • Off-the-shelf content
  • Customized learning paths
  • Gamification
  • E-Commerce capabilities
  • Extensive admin portal
  • Social learning & notifications
  • Task automation

Video: Welcome to SAP Litmos

Create mobile microlearning content

Microlearning is bite-sized training content, offering just the right amount of knowledge to help the learner achieve a specific, actionable objective.

With mobile micro-content, we mostly focus on training for frontline/deskless employees like your sales & service staff: employees who need training but don’t have the time or the chance to spend hours in front of their laptops completing e-learnings or F2F learning.

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