Blogs • 25 Sep 2019

The story of MH

Michael Hossain is one of our most ambitious SAP Consultants. Read his story and discover how he combined his passion for nice cars and IT.

"After having graduated in Business Management in 2008, I wanted to start working as fast as possible. My goal was to be independent quickly, not having to rely on my parents anymore. I had the chance to start working in an industry, which at that time, seemed to be very attractive.

My first employer was BMW in Brussels where I received a special kind of contract for young graduates. During the first 6 months, I was taking care of the delivery of new cars to customers and later evolved into being a service advisor. At first sight, it was quite fascinating because I really liked (beautiful) cars. I managed to learn a lot about the automotive world as well as the technologies used.

As the automotive industry wasn’t very stable at that time, my employer was not allowed to hire me on a permanent basis for a certain period. This meant I was obliged to look out for something else. It turned out to be a fortunate event leading to where I stand now.

Via a friend of mine, I got to hear about Cernum, which was a company specialized in delivering services in SAP CRM and was organizing a boot camp for young professionals at that time. My job interview was taken by Kris Maertens, who's still part of my professional career many years later.

Due to the fact that my background had nothing to do with (information) technology, I only passed the interview phase very closely. They decided to give me a chance to learn about SAP and combine this with my communication skills and business knowledge. I am very thankful that Kris has given me this opportunity. This was a chance I grabbed with both hands…and I don’t regret it at all!

I got to gain very valuable experience mainly in SAP CRM, but also in other domains and about technology in general. My first assignment at Taminco (now Eastmann) would already be quite a challenge. I was in charge of a new SAP CRM implementation from A to Z, working together with different business people all over the world. I had the chance to gain my first international experience, by analyzing processes together with global teams and giving training to salespeople in Italy, Malaysia and the United States.

Many projects and assignments came and my experience and knowledge grew more and more. Then I got to work together with another man I still work with, Geert Vanvaerenbergh. He gave me a lot of support and believed in me, he gave me chances to grow and to learn other modules and aspects of the SAP world.

Due to the good working relationship between us, he wanted me to join the company he just founded, called Amista. This would turn out to be a company where a lot of people I worked with in the past would join forces. A company which combines experienced people with young graduates who want to learn and grow, just the way I started 10 years ago.

I am so grateful to be part of what I like to call…a big family. I feel great working with my colleagues, having fun together at work but certainly also outside of working hours. Amista is a partner with who I can and want to grow together, as it is a workplace which perfectly suits me."

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