Blogs • 19 Nov 2019

The story of CM

Another intriguing employee story! Cindy Michel is one of our power women. In this story, you'll read more about how she developed a diverse set of skills that made her the top consultant she is today.

"So far, maybe I have experienced one of the most unusual career paths? My mother tongue is French, and I graduated as a Medical Secretary. I worked a few years as a medical management assistant while I was still living in Wallonia.

After some time, I decided to move to Flanders and that gave me the opportunity to improve my Dutch language skills massively.

I became a Software Consultant for children with reading and learning disabilities for nearly 10 years, not really the typical SAP profile. I liked that job a lot. It combined IT, contact with people with different backgrounds, sales, training and much more. Unfortunately, one day the company I used to work for decided we had to part ways. I felt really sad about it, now a few years later I can be thankful they took that decision.

While I was searching for a new challenge, one specific advertisement on LinkedIn, called ‘E-learning consultant’ grabbed my attention. I thought: "Why not? I created pieces of training and gave training to both children and adults, I liked the ICT world…" So I pushed the button ‘Apply immediately'.

Now 3 years later, I can say that it was one of the best decisions of my life!

My first task was to create training material in ‘SAP Workforce Performance Builder’ for Matexi, a well-known construction company. With this experience, I embarked on a project for Arcelor Mittal in Ghent, still as SAP E-learning consultant. Meanwhile, there were other opportunities for me, and I evolved from E-learning to Functional Analyst. My previous experiences gave me the pedagogic approach to be able to help our clients when they need to learn new things, but it also helped me to get used to new solutions. I like the aspect of the hypercare phase very much. It keeps me in close contact with the people on the field and I am always very interested to hear their feedback (good or less good) about our solutions.

Each project teaches you a lot, not only because you learn a lot about the technical aspect of SAP, but also about the industry itself. When I was working on a project at Arcelor Mittal another consultant and I had the opportunity to visit the site with one of the managers. It was really impressive to see the transformation of raw materials (mainly iron ore and coal) into steel. In the sinter plant, we witnessed how they bake a mixture of iron ores, ferriferous recuperation materials and fluxes. Another remarkable one was the hot strip mill, where slabs coming from the continuous caster are rolled out to steel plates with a thickness of around 1.25 to 13mm! 

Furthermore, I joined a project at Ypto. To me, another great experience, yet less technical. I met many very motivated people. My task there was to train employees to use SAP Enable Now, so that they would be able to create their own e-learning course. While Ypto kept my creative mind busy, Infrabel gave me the opportunity to evolve to a Functional Analyst. Hence I am still learning a lot and I like the fact that I expand my knowledge about technical aspects, but that I can also use my creativity to propose our solution to the client. 

All this new knowledge encouraged me to learn more about programming, so… right now I am combining my most important challenge (being a fulltime mother of my lovely son), a fulltime job at Amista and a training ‘Learn to program' during the weekend. And so the adventure continues."

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