Blogs • 24 Apr 2019

The story of EK

Eva Katai is a Senior SAP Consultant. She joined our team 1 year ago. In this blog, she reflects on her journey as an IT Consultant. Another story to be proud of! Happy employee = happy employer.

"It’s been a year since I started at Amista. A different work experience than anything I had before. I worked for all sizes of companies, both in private and public sectors, national and international. Then I came across a consultant of Amista; knowledgeable, eager to work and reliable. I enjoyed working with him and we seemed to be like-minded professionals. He often talked about his employer in a positive way. This grabbed my attention. Seemed like a good place to work.

And the path what led me there…

I have never dreamed to become an IT consultant. During my secondary school studies, I needed to take up a ‘practical’ faculty. By coincidence the only practical faculty was matching with my timetable has been computer sciences. This is how I started to do a little programming at the age of 16 and discovered that I was good at it. But I did not give it any additional thought.

Then came the stress of every teenager: choosing higher education and a carrier path with it. One of my friends was already attending the direction of IT and recommended me to join the same school. Why not? – I thought… If I do not like it, I can change later. But actually, I liked it more and more. That time I did not yet know… I started to develop a passion for IT.

After finishing school, I was working as a developer with different technologies. Liked it a lot, but… heard about the magical world of SAP, and did not know anything about it. Now the challenge came, after some years of experience in other technologies, find an employer who wants to give an opportunity to a non-fresh-graduate to be trained during the job. Soon enough, I managed to become an ABAP developer. Working with SAP made me happy because there are always areas someone does not know, always opportunities to do something different.

As years passed, I grew out the role of a developer, I was doing more and more functional jobs, but I was sticking with SAP. I worked more and more with the customers, helping them find the right solution, and make it happen. I learned a lot about business processes, their implementation in the system, about people and about project management.

During my carrier path – and this is also true for my whole life – I have made a lot of changes. Changing geographical location, changing technologies, changing positions… always looking for a way to find new challenges and keep my mind occupied. I always followed a learning path which moved me forward both on a professional and personal level. That is exactly why I chose Amista. I like the way how Amista handling their talents, always eager to find a way to grow them, while valuing personal choices of the individual. However, we are consultants placed to different locations, building personal relationships stays very important within the company. The last year of my professional life, I got to know many great people, who care for and support each other.

To summarize: I gained new friends, acquired knowledge and also grew personally. Me LIKE! 😊"

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