SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now provides the knowledge your employees need to succeed, exactly where and when it’s needed. Advanced capabilities help you improve productivity, user adoption, and the end-user experience. Easily create, maintain and deliver performance support, learning material and documentation content. And with the SAP Companion service as an interface for SAP Enable Now, you can deliver that assistance intelligently.
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What is SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now is our corporate learning tool to create digital content, mostly IT related training content.

It is an E-learning solution that offers four different components:

  1. Manager (light LMS capabilities)
  2. Producer (extended authoring tool)
  3. Instant Producer (easy to use recording tool)
  4. SAP Companion (assistance in the live-system)
Discover SAP Enable Now

Why SAP Enable Now


Insert E-learning on demand (SAP Companion) in your applications


Good user adoption for end-users


Different outputs from one recording


Combining existing content from different input channels


Template-based content creation


Ideal for software or IT-related training

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Download our ZEN Accelerator Package!

An all-in-one solution that standardizes the implementation of SAP Enable Now in your organization, enabling you to meet your digital learning goals and go live on time on budget! Qualified by SAP, the ZEN Accelerator combines a strategic methodology based on learning best practices with preconfigured templates and content.


Benefits for your business

A modern approach to support business change.

Supporting a continuous, on the job learning culture.

A collaborative content authoring, management and sharing platform.

The key to successful knowledge transfer and employee satisfaction.

About our customer projects

Bridgestone: efficient employee SAP systems training using SAP Enable Now

Bridgestone wanted to make its employees more efficient and productive. By using online instead of classroom education, we managed to drastically reduce the time to show someone the ropes. As a result, Bridgestone now manages to train many employees simultaneously. 

Fluvius: creation of digital content for SAP and non-SAP projects

The goal is to help each department or project determine a correct curriculum and provide them with the digital learning content they need. While doing this we kept Fluvius’ scope and learning strategy in mind to help further develop it. 

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Elia: transformation of safety classroom training into interactive e-learnings

Elia wanted to digitize their classroom safety training. Amista guided them through the digital transformation. The goal: to support a blended learning approach. To make sure our solution would cover all learning needs, we applied our ZEN best practice Methodology. Using SAP Enable Now, we developed interactive e-learning and quizzes, tailored to their employees. 

Ypto: maximize adoption through more efficient and fun e-learning

Ypto wanted their people to execute business processes faster, to better train them for it and cut down the cost of developing those trainings. We set up a preconfigured library with SAP Enable Now and created e-learnings. We made them more fun using interactive elements, quizzes, and custom avatars. Because more fun means people learn faster.  

One of the lessons learned during the project is to check upfront if employees have a basic knowledge of online training and how to work with digital tools. It is important that the business knows what digital learning exactly is and how it can support us. Additionally, we were not aware of the importance of content creation and how much effort it required. It is important to have the right people to clearly indicate what is needed. Not all information is suitable. SAP Enable Now is much more extensive and dynamic than expected.

Katleen Anthoni – Digital Learning Expert at Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen
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Utilities September 8, 2022

Implementation of SAP Enable Now to support new ways of learning at Pidpa

To support new ways of learning (e.g., in-app help, e-learning) and collaborative content making for all training purposes related to the new SAP S/4HANA system.