Partnership • 21 Jun 2018

Dynatrace & Amista

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dynatrace. This means Amista will leverage Dynatrace’s best-of-breed software intelligence capabilities on SAP’s Cloud Platform to deliver application monitoring to its customers.

Why do we partner with Dynatrace?

In today’s world organisations use digital transformation as a strategy to become more competitive. Innovation is leading this digital transformation drive as enterprises use cloud platform services for both application modernization and new cloud native applications. However, applications built with the latest technologies do not guarantee user adoption and retention if they or unreliable or not performant. 

This is where we believe Dynatrace brings added value.

Next to full-cycle implementations, Amista develops next-generation business applications using SAP Cloud Platform.  Performance and user experience are crucial elements in the success of such extensions. 

With seamless SAP integration, Dynatrace offers the visibility and confidence needed to monitor and deploy applications on the SAP Cloud Platform with zero manual configuration. Powered by Dynatrace, our goal is to offer innovative applications which always run fast and without bugs, so we achieve extraordinary user-experiences as a result.

Working with our partner Dynatrace will offer our customers full stack monitoring capabilities and the tools they need to ensure a smooth digital transformation:

     • Better business decisions based on real users’ digital experience 

     • Resolve issues proactively with the power of artificial intelligence 

     • Manage microservice architectures in hybrid multi-cloud environments 

     • Accelerated innovation and faster implementation of the entire application lifecycle

What is Dynatrace exactly? 


Let us do the monitoring for you

We can take care of your entire Application Performance Management solution, so issues are solved before they occur. The Dynatrace software intelligence platform enables end-to-end tracking of all transactions within an application or across applications to give a nonstop insight and understanding of the performance of these transactions. This enables us to see when specific transactions start to degrade. We can analyze the code to see what we need to do to resolve the issues. This suddenly makes troubleshooting compound problems very intuitive. 

As we offer Dynatrace as a service, we not only handle the implementation, but we also set up the necessary dashboards, do software updates and give proactive recommendations about how to resolve potential future performance problems identified by Dynatrace. We give you all the advice you need to use the solution correctly. We also help your development teams understand how to structurally resolve issues and prevent them from recurring in the future. 

As a valued Dynatrace partner, Amista can supply you with Dynatrace licenses. We are able to give you advice about which licenses you need for your business in particular. Furthermore, you can always contact us for questions, troubleshooting, updates or additional required functionalities.

Does this sound interesting? Contact us at to try Dynatrace with the zero-configuration setup. With your 15-day free trial, the future of digital performance starts here! For more information about Dynatrace contact Pieter-Jan Deraedt,