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Think big but start small?

Do you want to innovate without compromising your SAP investments?
You have an idea but you're not sure whether it's feasible?
Discover our Challenge Accepted packages!

It all starts with a business scenario. Technology is fantastic, but you need business cases to define how technology can help you innovate your business processes and applications. Therefore, we believe in co-innovation where we sit together with customers to discuss their ideas and to see how we can help them. We will guide you in your journey from idea to implementation with short engagements to prove you the power of SAP Cloud Platform. Get inspired by our business cases.

Throw us a challenge! Go beyond SAP and innovate the way you work. We help you accelerate your digital transformation.

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Making things smart

Innovate your business with SAP Cloud Platform

Idea - Design thinking

Our offer:
A one-day design thinking workshop with one of our Innovation experts to discuss your idea

A mockup of your idea with Build
An indication of how much effort it would take

Try - Proof of concept

Our offer:
Tell us your case, and we come with a team of innovation experts

A prototype that is working within your or in a test environment

Deploy - Implement

Our offer:
We help you to leverage your SAP investments by implementing innovative solutions on SAP Cloud Platform

A ready to run an application which can be rolled out to your user community

We’re ready to work together, what do you think?