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Coresystems within SAP Service Cloud


Customers expect an outstanding service whenever a product breaks down. They don't want to spend several hours on the phone with a service center assistant, they don’t have the time to wait at home because there was no ETA provided and they hate it when a technician isn’t able to find the right solution.

SAP Service Cloud enables companies to meet the needs of today's consumers. Halfway 2018, Coresystems joined forces with this SAP Cloud solution, which makes it easier to optimize field services. We'd love to explain why! 

An invaluable feature of SAP Service Cloud

Coresystems, now called SAP Field Service Management (FSM), is a cloud solution which mainly focuses on all the processes and insights involved in field services. The AI-driven software provides an overview of all customers, contracts, SLAs, products and spare parts. The system has a wide range of tools to make this happen: 

  • WorkForce Management with Planning Board 
  • Mobile Field Service  
  • Approval T&M  
  • Administration  
  • Reporting & analytics  
  • Activity Feedback  
  • Knowledge Database  
  • System Monitoring  

In short: everything related to field service management can be found in SAP FSM. This allows you to create and manage technician schedules in a more efficient way.  

On top of that, SAP Field Service Management is not only an added value for service center planners or customers. The Mobile Field Service app also supports technicians during their assignments and facilitates their administrative tasks. The app gives you the opportunity to connect with your company’s CRM, ERP or other tools. This gives your technicians access to all the information they need: customer details, manuals or safety information. Both on- and offline! Watch Coresystems video.

A natural move

The acquisition of Coresystems by SAP is a natural move. SAP has been seriously working on their SAP Service Cloud for several years now, making it even more feasible to manage your field services.

The various components of SAP Field Service Management help your organization perfectly with this: 

  • The planning board is the center of SAP FSM. This user-friendly board gives you a nice overview of all availability, skills, working hours, ... and can even propose a 'suggested technician'. 
  • Have you got certain workflows, rules or checklists that you and your technicians should take into account? No problem! You can perfectly integrate your existing data and processes in SAP FSM.  
  • The mobile app helps technicians to get started. They can find a solution to a particular problem faster than ever before and their administrative hassle is eliminated in no time. 
  • SAP Field Service Management uses artificial intelligence (AI), which keeps your organizational waste to a minimum. This way you can find the best-qualified technician faster, reduce travel time and ensure a first-time-fix! 
  • An important part of SAP FSM for large-scale enterprises is Crowd Service. It enables companies to find extra technicians in a matter of seconds and to expand their service with partners, freelancers or other technicians. This way you can meet your customers' expectations with an on-demand service crowd. 
  • And last but not least: managers get a complete overview of the field services within their organization on the customized dashboard. This allows them to intervene more quickly where necessary! 

SAP Field Service Management can be seamlessly integrated within an existing ERP solution or you can use it as a stand-alone application.

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