Innovation • 9 Jan 2018

SAP Cloud Platform at Alcomotive

Toward a digital customer service experience with SAP Cloud Platform

In order to improve customer service and retention, Alcomotive relied on SAP Cloud Platform to create a new customer service website. Alcomotive automotive distribution is the importer for Hyundai, SsangYong, Suzuki and Isuzu.

For the Hyundai brand, they needed a customer service website which would allow owners of Hyundai cars to better follow up the maintenance schedules of their cars and get personalized promotions. Amista used SAP Cloud Platform technology to build a website on top of the current SAP CRM and SAP Data Services solution at Alcomotive. This allowed Hyundai to leverage on the vast amount of data collected from different systems in their CRM environment. SAP Cloud platform uses that data to be able to bring the right information to the customer at the right time.

By providing this new website to the customer, Hyundai is able to improve customer loyalty and advocacy. Customer service is the driver here for additional sales. Next to increasing the revenues out of servicing cars, the website allows Alcomotive to keep in touch with the customers and have a better view on when they are ready to buy a new car. In addition, they can also propose personalized offerings based on the model of the car the customer is driving. This is not only great for Hyundai but also for their Dealer Channel.