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Integration Suite references

Respond better to the needs of your customers through integrated business processes

"Integration empowers customer, product, employee and brand experiences."

Successful organizations continuously succeed in connecting their processes to this changing world. That's easier said than done. Because it requires organizations to be able to adapt their application landscape super-fast to process changes, without affecting quality and continuity. In short, an agile, stable and integrated application landscape is key for business growth. But how do you achieve such a landscape and why consider an iPaaS solution?

"We improved the scalability and efficiency of our IT infrastructure thanks to our collaboration with Amista. With the growth of our company, the need for the exchange of data between applications became more important. To improve the quality of data, we decided to integrate the various applications using SAP's iPaaS solution."- CIO, customer Amista

Read more and get inspired by some of our customer cases:

Customer case 1 - Implementation of SAP Document Compliance (previously “eDocument”) solution

In many countries, it is a legal requirement for companies to issue business documents electronically to business partners and/or legal authorities such as Invoices, Credit Memo’s, Tax Certificates, …

SAP Integration Suite (also known as SAP Cloud Platform Integration) was used as a communication platform to establish communication with external systems by using web services to send data from SAP ECC and to receive data from external systems. Depending on the country and scenario, SAP Integration Suite also formats the data to comply with the web service parameters, to sign the documents digitally and to establish a secure connection using SSL.

This solution has been implemented for one of our customers in for multiple countries.

Customer case 2 - SAP SuccessFactors integration with different payroll systems

An Amista customer uses SAP SuccessFactors as its global employee-related data backbone. However, as our customer is a large multinational group, every business unit in every country is using their own payroll systems.

For this, a lot of integrations are required between SAP SuccessFactors and the different payroll systems. To solve this, we have a set up a strategy with 2 options:

1. SuccessFactors APIs are publishing in an API Management portal. SAP Integration Suite is used as the layer between API management and SAP SuccessFactors to force certain business rules to be applied on every API call. Business Units can request access to the APIs and build their own integration.

2. Business Units can request the global team to build an integration for them. These integrations are built using SAP Integration Suite. 

Customer case 3 - Implementation of an integration between SAP Field Service Management & ProTime

One of our customers is using SAP Field Service Management for their technicians. The technicians receive instructions on where they need to execute maintenance or service, which tasks they need to execute and our customer uses ProTime as their internal time registration tool.

An integration was built using SAP Integration Suite to allow Field Service Management to automatically import the time registration from ProTime. This way technician’s planning is automatically updated with internal training days, out of office days,…


Why SAP Integration Suite?

Simplify end-to-end process integration across cloud-based and on-premise applications both from SAP and non-SAP vendors

The benefits of the integration suite

  • Increased business agility with connected processes, applications and data
  • Greater efficiency to extend business processes across hybrid environments
  • Easy reuse of integrations using a repeatable, building block-based approach

Key features

  • Synergic integration approach across cloud and on-premise environments
  • Broad catalog of third-party integration connectors and integration packs
  • API-first integration approach and published APIs ready for sandbox testing and consumption
  • Intuitive Web tooling and AI-driven assistance
  • A cloud-hosted approach that saves time and money

Partner with Amista

At Amista, we support you in all your integration challenges from SAP to SAP as from SAP to non-SAP applications.

Within the Business Technology Platform Integration Suite, we are specialized in:

- Cloud Integration
- API Management
- Enterprise Messaging
- Open Connectors
- Data Intelligence
- Integration Advisor

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