Blogs • 28 May 2019

The story of an SAP Consultant

Eddy Knockaert is a Senior SAP Consultant. He has been a part of our team since day 1. Not only because of his experience, but also thanks to his wonderful personality, Eddy is irreplaceable! In this article, you will read his story. 

"Already at a young age, I was very interested in technology.  I devoured every sci-fi book I could lay my hands on in the local library of the village where I was raised.  So, when I graduated as an Industrial Engineer micro-electronics in 1990, I was very fortunate to start working in the nuclear energy sector which had always fascinated me.  However, the nuclear sector was affected by the Chernobyl aftermath and the growing ecological concerns about nuclear waste which led to a moratorium of investments in nuclear plants throughout Western Europe.

Being a junior employee of Tractebel Energy Engineering I was faced with a choice that would impact the rest of my career: either continue working in the fossil energy sector or join a major project at Tractebel’s sister company Electrabel for the implementation of SAP R/3 in all of its Power plants in Belgium.

Although I had never heard about SAP before, I decided to go for the latter.  It turned out to be a good decision: I worked on the Electrabel project for 5 years, moving from documentation tasks to the training of end-users to becoming a domain expert in R/3 Materials Management and Plant Maintenance modules.

At the turn of the millennium, the SAP implementation market was booming; so I joined an SAP consulting company (Optimum) where I met some of the colleagues I’m still working with today (Geert Vanvaerenbergh, current CEO of Amista, to name just one).

In 2004, I was eager to start a new challenge, having implemented SAP R/3 for many years. I decided to get certified as an SAP CRM functional consultant and joined Cernum which was another SAP consulting company founded by Geert Vanvaerenbergh and co.  At Cernum, I met even more people who still are Amista colleagues today.

So, the reason I love to work at Amista can be read in between the lines: I’m working with very competent people who have a proven track record and whom I fully trust.  Furthermore, Amista is a company with a healthy mix of young wolves and experienced seniors with diverse backgrounds and from different cultures.  This makes for a refreshing and interesting company culture which is quite informal and cares about employee well-being.  Finally, Amista is a very dynamic and innovation-driven company, always feeling the pulse of the latest technologies.  In hindsight, I’m very happy about the way my career has evolved and has allowed me to work for this great company..."

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