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The advantages of SAP FSM

By reading our other blog 'Coresystems within SAP Service Cloud', you might have noticed that SAP Field Service Management gives your company a competitive advantage. But you can also help many different stakeholders with this solution tool. We will briefly list them for you in this article:

Your customers

Today's customers expect a fast response and excellent service. If they don't get it, they just go to one of your competitors. Fortunately, SAP Field Service Management helps your organization to move forward. They make your customers' lives a lot easier, thanks to:

  • The possibility to contact the service center in a short time. SAP Field Service Management gives a nice overview of all the contact information on which customers can reach you.
  • A useful planning tool that allows customers to plan the appointment themselves. They only have to tell you the desired time, date and their problem. Simple!
  • The convenient documentation overview. Do you have rather skilled customers that are taking the lead themselves? You can help them along with a lot of videos or manuals!
  • A spare part overview. This allows customers to order and replace their own products themselves.
  • And a lot of practical features. Customers receive a notification when a technician will arrive, they can give feedback and have their administration at their fingertips.

This way, customers no longer have to wait on a field technician who will arrive 'between 8 am and 5 pm'.

Your field technicians

A great field technician ensures a great field service. We, therefore, have to make their lives as pleasant and easy as possible. That is why SAP Field Service Management also offers them a lot of advantages:

  • SAP Field Service Management is an AI-driven platform that anticipates on availability, strengths and location. Field technicians are assigned to more relevant assignments in which they can fully exploit their added value.
  • A field technician receives a message about the assignment and an extensive briefing of the service call. He or she can accept this task and get started.
  • Field technicians can always consult the mobile app, both online and offline. This gives them a complete overview of the assignment anytime and anywhere, and a guide towards the solution.
  • The administrative effort is reduced: a field technician can manage his time, spare parts and documents in one, digital place.

Your service center employees

The service center is the beating heart of companies that want to score with their customers. That is why SAP Field Service Management is indispensable for service center employees who want to deliver their customers a wow-experience. They can find all the information they need in the SAP Field Service Management plan board.

  • A drag and drop function to switch faster and work more flexible than ever before.
  • The possibility to assign multiple technicians to one task. This allows them to send a strong team to a specific assignment.
  • "Suggested technicians", an AI tool that determines the right technician for a specific job based on skills and possibilities.
  • A Quick Guidance to answer questions during service calls or conversations with technicians.

Your general business

SAP Field Service Management is an indispensable component of your digital transformation process. There are many more benefits to your organization:

  • Faster invoicing
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Elimination of duplications (less office work)  
  • Less monitoring needed in the office (only inspection of the complaints required)  
  • Greater transparency and more effective planning thanks to the Resource Planner (planning table including route planner)
  • Optimized communication between office and field service  
  • Simpler reporting and data analyses
  • Standardized service procedures thanks to the Checklist Designer (software tool for generating service checklists for mobile devices)

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