Innovation • 22 Jan 2021

Amista's IRPA ROI Calculator

Being busy is one thing. Being productive is something else.

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation might be the solution you need!
What if you could run your processes faster? Serve customers better? Replace manual, repetitive tasks with processes that let people work creatively?

Calculate the ROI of your IRPA project!

Do you have some specific business cases in mind but you're not sure what the impact on your organization will be?

Use our calculator to understand the minimum ROI you can expect to see from implementing Intelligent Robotic Process Automation in your workplace.

You will get insights in different categories:
- Savings
- Break-even point in months
- Licenses
- Project cost

Check our IRPA Calculator FOR FREE!

IRPA software can be used to automate almost any manual business process, including processes in operations, customer service, human resources, IT and more so YOU can spend more time on serving your customers.

Many companies are realizing a variety of operational and business benefits through their IRPA deployments, including reduced costs, increased productivity of their workforce and error elimination from what were previously human-run processes.

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