Blogs • 21 Nov 2018

How SAP Fiori 3.0 will change the way you use SAP

Only a short time ago, SAP applications were solely focused on simplifying and automating business processes. This resulted in software consisting primarily out of boring screens which were far from user-friendly. The delight of SAP users was therefore great when the German software supplier launched SAP Fiori in 2012.

This first release was not the only one. We rely on SAP Fiori 2.0 for a while now, and we really look forward to the arrival of SAP Fiori 3.0. Are you curious about why we are looking forward to it? We'd be happy to tell you!

First things first: What is SAP Fiori?

Flashback to the first decade of this century. When an SAP user launched one of its applications, an enormous amount of (often irrelevant) information appeared on his computer screen. Users had to follow a step-by-step process which was not tailored to their needs in order to perform a task.

In short: the progress that SAP brought with it also caused frustrations among its users. SAP Fiori makes the sufferings of its users a thing of the past. It's a groundbreaking solution that takes care of your personal requirements and the UX Design Principles within SAP apps. This results in streamlined user experiences across different departments, tasks or devices.

Fiori offers a lot of advantages, just to name a few:

  • First things first: a solid user experience. This increases productivity because employees no longer have to work their way through the applications they use.
  • Fiori’s Responsive Design, making apps available on a wide range of devices. This makes sure that managers and employees have access to business processes and the information they require at all times.
  • The ready-to-use apps for employees which solve a wide range of usability issues and increase employee engagement.
  • Various possibilities to simplify the work of employees and determine their next tasks.

The Fiori team has been very busy over the past few years. By now, over 600 SAP apps have been transformed into so-called Fiori Apps. One of the latest releases focused on iOS and Android, the Fiori Design Language was created, and the launch of CoPilot marked the start of a new revolution: the birth of Fiori 3.0.

Hello, Fiori 3.0

We are already looking forward to the arrival of SAP Fiori 3.0 for some time now. The team behind the UX solution announced this new version back in 2017. It was a great joy to get the first sneak peek of SAP Fiori 3.0 during SAP TechEd in Barcelona this year.

So, what is different about Fiori 3.0? Nothing, and at the same time everything. Fiori is still aimed to improve the user experience within SAP. This new version is first and foremost a clean-up following the introduction of Fiori. The fundamentals remain unchanged, while the experience was improved. SAP describes this third version as 'Conversational, contextual, connected and integrated'. That first word plays a key role in Fiori 3.0: Conversational design allows users to communicate with their apps more effectively, whilst tools interact more efficiently and subtly.

This innovation is mainly due to SAP's new approach. Formerly only the design team participated in the creation of Fiori, nowadays several departments have been involved in its creation. This makes the apps more streamlined than ever before, with a maximized user experience. The tools are now aligned with the needs of the users and to each other.

Three key changes

During the launch of Fiori 3.0 a lot of new features were introduced. There are therefore several reasons to look forward to the release, although we believe these are the most important:

  • The harmonization of the design. The design within SAP has become a lot more user-friendly with the arrival of Fiori. The look & feel was streamlined across different apps. However, it were the little big details that left room for improvement. That's why SAP now focused much more on it: colors were aligned, icons became the same across different apps, (micro)transitions are only used when they are really meaningful, ...
  • A unified and flexible structure. Nowadays you can choose between different menus in SAP: The top bar provides the basic one, the side menu adapts itself to each tool. Fiori 3.0 brings these menus together in a central home bar at the top, followed by navigation that has been optimized for each solution. This will make switching between information easier than ever.
  • Increased content scalability. The most important and relevant content is displayed prominently, other content is presented as efficiently as possible. In order to show more relevant content, the existing tiles pave the way for so-called cards. They come with a contemporary look and ensure the information you need is provided. If this information changes, you can also simply modify these cards.


CoPilot, your SAP-partner in crime

We already mentioned CoPilot earlier. The arrival of this solution marked the beginning of a new era within SAP. Currently, CoPilot is called the most important change within SAP Fiori 3.0. Over the past few years, this new feature has grown into a true digital assistant within SAP.

When accessing your SAP environment, CoPilot can take over from you. He ensures that content is gathered in a consistent and personal way, and creates a dynamic workflow based on the users and their context. CoPilot is to your SAP experience what Robin is to Batman: an essential sidekick that offers the right help at the right time.

Are you ready for SAP Fiori 3.0?

Do you - just like us - look forward to the arrival of Fiori 3.0? In that case, you will need some patience. There are only a few functions left that will be launched in 2018, the other adjustments (including the new CoPilot) will be gradually released in 2019 and 2020.

But we are sure it's worth the wait! For any questions about Fiori Apps, feel free to contact us.