Innovation • 2 Jul 2019

The impact of Fiori apps at AG Real Estate

Improved user adoption for the Purchase-to-Pay process using an intelligent wizard in Fiori

How does the rollout of several Fiori applications affect the overall user experience and adoption of SAP in a company? In this video, we focus on how AG Real Estate applied SAP technology to develop innovative solutions and hence improve the business processes within the company. As real estate manager and advisor, AG Real Estate takes care of the developments and investments for AG Insurance for shopping malls, office buildings and much more since AG Real estate is the largest real estate group in Belgium.

Situation analysis

  • Create around 7.500 Purchase orders a year
  • General feeling of operational staff:
    - « I’m doing the work of an accountant »
    - « When ordering goods or services, I don’t care about VAT percentages,
    I just order what I need »
  • Standard SAP transactions are filled with notions of VAT, invoicing
    references, GL-accounts, profit centers, cost centers,…

Requirements & Solution

Offer an interface:

  • Which is user-friendly (VISUAL)
    • Change the experience
  • Which does not require intensive training (EASY)
    • Create familiar user interface
  • Which helps to make the correct purchase order (SMART)
    • Reduce workload

Stay aligned with the SAP roadmap:

  • Use of Fiori / UI5
  • Keep using standard SAP-objects (BAPI)
  • Replace SAP GUI

PO apps AG overview AG Real Estate fiori

At Amista, we developed 2 applications:

  1. Approve PO


  • Show POs that await approval
  • Add filter options
  • Gamification

Object page

  • Provide basic information
  • Show progress
  • View attachments

PO approval


PO approve app fioriApprovz PO AG

  1. Manage PO
  • Replace VIM


  • Show POs with their invoices
  • Gamification
  • Quick view (based on VIM)

Object page

  • Provide basic information
  • Show progress
  • View attachments

Manage POManage POMange PO Fiori


Manage PO fiori


  • AGILE Methodology
  • 4 months of development with two partners: Amista and Nessi
  • Business outcome:
    • Improved user adoption
      • 60% of new POs created with the Wizard
      • Input possibilities are limited. You can no longer make mistakes.
      • Better release and follow-up strategy
    • Optimized P2P process
      • Purchase orders are going out quicker. Invoices can be linked to the right purchase orders faster and can be paid faster, this is a win-win situation.  
    • High buy-in rate of new technologies for future projects

Inspired by this case? Improve your business operations by using Fiori Apps. Contact us for more information.

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