Blogs • 29 Oct 2018

Efficient innovation by thinking big and starting small

We live in an exciting era. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, causing companies to innovate. Entrepreneurs are facing the daily challenges of IoT, AR, sensoring, blockchain, ... They even had some of those technologies deployed in their company... without success.

Thoughtful tips for an effective digital transformation

If you truly want to innovate, you need a solid strategy. A digital transformation does not take place in one department or within a single tool. You need to identify all of your company’s innovation opportunities and make sure they are used to their full potential.

“Think big, but start small” is our credo for innovation. To ensure a successful transformation, you should keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Focus on your business goals.
    Innovation in order to be innovative is never a good idea. Why do you want to innovate? You can only achieve a specific goal when you have a clear vision.
  • Search for the most suitable technology.
    Go on a journey through your entire IT landscape, to identify the low-hanging fruit.
  • Pick one single platform.
    One thing we always recommend to our customers is to choose one platform… and stick with it. This tool should enable you to innovate and boost your processes.

The fragmentation of digital processes is one of the main reasons why digital innovation fails.

Guaranteed success with SAP Cloud Platform?

One of our preferred digital innovation frameworks is SAP Cloud Platform. This fast, flexible and open cloud-based platform-as-a-service allows you to innovate today and to continue your innovation over the next few years.

SAP Cloud Platform contains the essential tools to build and implement beautiful applications quickly and efficiently. Do you want to integrate your other (SAP) applications? The cloud connectors of SAP Cloud Platform are the ideal solution for this.

Long story short: SAP Cloud Platform is the number one platform for innovative businesses familiar with SAP.

Our 3 step approach for digital innovation

We designed a way of working that allows you to get an SAP Cloud Platform-based proof of concept within a few weeks time. Discover our 3-step approach, which initiates and accelerates digital innovation within your company.

1. Design thinking workshop
We will kick your innovation journey off with a design thinking workshop. Together with various stakeholders, we will search for the needs, objectives, obstacles, ... and create a business scenario. This is the foundation of our solution.

Which innovations do work? Which cases are only effective in theory? The new insights and ideas we gather are a valuable resource to optimize your business processes.

Business example
The different stores of a large retail supplier contain all kinds of products with a specific expiry date. The retailer is looking for a method to prevent expired products in the warehouse and department store. In addition, they are looking for a solution to monitor whether a product needs to be replenished or produced.

During this design thinking workshop they come up with the idea to install sensors. By linking them to an ERP system, the sensors can provide the right information to an (mobile) app.

2. Prototyping

Time to develop a very first solution! Our team of innovation experts creates a proof-of-concept. This prototype is built in a (trial) setting, where end users can test a beta version of the solution.

Business example
The prototype is built in one alley of the department store, with a limited range of products. We place sensors that signal when a product is taken out of its shelf.

In order to monitor the stock, we have selected a minimum stock level while an app keeps a close eye on the inventory. Once the stock quantity falls below the threshold, an order is automatically sent to the ERP system. This enables the purchasing staff to reorder a product and to make targeted forecasts. On top of that, the app triggers notifications as a product's expiry date approaches.

3. Adjusting and unrolling

After a successful test phase, it is time for lessons learned. We adjust the digital solution where necessary, and roll out the product to a real-life version. This way, our customer gets a solution of which he knows it works.

Business example
A few months later, it turns out that the number of outdated products in the warehouse has decreased significantly. To get the most out of our application, we will make some improvements to it. Once we are aware of all the opportunities, the final version of the product is gradually implemented.
This implementation can take several months.

Do you want to make use of SAP Cloud Platform to transform your business? Are you wondering if your idea for innovation is truly valuable? Go beyond SAP and innovate your entire business with SAP Cloud Platform.
Tell us more about your challenge.