Innovation • 1 Jul 2020

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Do you want to reduce the complexity of your IT landscape? Do you wish to improve the scalability of your cloud infrastructure?

As an SAP service partner specialized in SAP Business Technology Platform (previously known as SAP Cloud Platform), we often receive the following question from customers or prospects: "Why should we consider SAP Business Technology Platform for extending or improving the way business processes are run on top of our SAP S/4HANA or ECC system?"

In this ebook, you will find the answer to this question!

We are keen to help you with identifying the low-hanging fruit and accelerate your move towards solutions you'll love to use.

It is time to move forward! What are you waiting for?

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In this ebook, you will learn more about some important capabilities and features. We will go into further detail on how to use SAP Business Technology Platform to generate short- and long-term business value. Especially SAP-driven companies have the opportunity to benefit and become best-run businesses.

At Amista we help you to:

  • Extend existing cloud and on-premise apps
  • Build customized add-ons
  • Develop new applications or improve existing functionalities
  • Start with a design thinking workshop based on your business needs
  • Guide you in a pilot or prototype with a clear overview on investment costs
  • Deliver technical consultants and developers
  • Deliver offshore support 24/7

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