Announcement • 10 Apr 2019

E-Learning Project for The Vegetables Chef Frank Fol

At Amista, we create tailored e-learning solutions with a strong focus on user acceptance and change management. To support the ‘We’re Smart® Green Guide’ project by the vegetables chef Frank Fol, our learning experts have developed an e-learning platform where We’re Smart Ambassadors can log-in to the application and follow training to become an officially recognized We’re Smart Inspector. 

On May 6, the annual award ceremony for 'Best Vegetables Restaurant of the World©' will take place in Amsterdam at the QO Hotel. During this event, we will officially launch the e-learning platform and give a demo to chefs and professionals in the food sector from all over the world. Afterwards, Ambassadors can register for the 'We're Smart Academy' on Frank Fol's website.

The e-learning project has the objective to learn participants how to evaluate a restaurant or a dish like a vegetables chef. Evaluating a restaurant is a competency. Participants will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to review restaurants giving a priority to vegetables all over the world. Together, our goal is to evolve towards a healthier and better world where people and businesses move to a more ecological and sustainable approach to food. We are very proud to support this initiative and to collaborate with The Vegetables Chef himself, Frank Fol. 

Check out our case to view a sneak peek of the learning content.


Who is Frank Fol?

  • Former chef/owner of the restaurant Sire Pynnock in Leuven.
  • Passionate about vegetables.
  • International advisor in the sector of healthy, balanced and plant-based nutrition.
  • Developed We're Smart World at an international level.
  • Developed a digital version of the Green Guide We're Smart World.

What is We're Smart World - Solution & guidance for a healthy & better world? 

The WE’RE SMART® mission is to bring together people and business who have an ecological and sustainable approach to food and to help and teach one another to evolve our society to more intelligent solutions for our body, our nature and tomorrow’s world. The Fruit & Veg Week©, the «Best Vegetable Restaurants » competition, «The Vegetable Chef®» and the «We’re Smart® Green Guide» are all part of this ambitious plan for our planet. 

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