Blogs • 12 Nov 2018

3 ways to use SAP as an innovation enabler

The key to innovation is to ensure that your company takes the lead over its competitors. SAP enables you to prepare all of your current processes for a digital future. This way, your company can perfectly anticipate on emerging, disruptive technologies and the shifting needs of your customers.

SAP: One name, numerous solutions

SAP has traveled a long way over the past few years. Several decades ago, the German software was primarily an extensive ERP system. Nowadays, it became a valuable suite for growth and innovation within companies. This is achieved by capitalizing on each company's unique characteristics.

SAP's product range includes a series of powerful tools which you can use to suit your needs. They support your processes, communication with customers, data analysis, HR policy, ... long story short: the sky is the limit. We will explain how you can use SAP to enhance the innovative nature of your company.

Accelerate your business with SAP S/4HANA

Even though SAP has evolved significantly, the company has not abandoned their ERP solutions. Quite the opposite, one of their key products is SAP S/4HANA. This ERP solution has been referred to as 'SAP's flagship technology'. It offers many advantages and opportunities for innovation.

Today's customers want faster, smarter and more personal products or services. The fourth version of SAP's Business Suite is built on so-called 'in-memory' technology, which allows you to execute transactions and analyze your business data in real-time. This allows you to solve problems faster, act where necessary or anticipate new trends.

Learn how SAP HANA’s unique capabilities are changing ERP in about two minutes.
S4/HANA helps you to work faster, with more flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership than ever before, whether it's in the cloud or on-premise.

Enhanced customer experience due to C/4HANA

Digital innovation goes beyond simply speeding up or simplifying internal processes. It also involves a number of trends. One of them is the growing desire for an ideal customer experience. Businesses that succeed in creating unforgettable touchpoints with their customers are businesses which win the digital revolution.

SAP's new tool, C/4HANA, responds seamlessly to this important trend. It is an ideal solution for every company wanting to amaze its customers. Modernizing the Customer Experience with SAP C/4HANA. The five components of SAP C/4HANA are a complete CRM solution with an end-to-end customer experience platform which responds to every single touchpoint between your company and your target audience. 

  • SAP Commerce Cloud guides you along a journey of experience management, product content management, order management, and provides all kinds of personalization opportunities.
  • SAP Service Cloud is the cloud software you need for your customer service. It allows you to manage customer information and insights across a number of channels.
  • SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to transform all of your customer data into clear client profiles. It makes it much simpler for you to make data-driven decisions and streamline the customer experience across your company's different departments.
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud boosts the user engagement of your target group by gathering all data from different platforms to better identify your users.
  • SAP Sales Cloud simplifies the process of providing customers with the right information during their purchase process. This way, you can reduce your cost per sale and shorten your sales cycle.

Become a pioneer with Leonardo

The terms 'innovation with SAP' and 'SAP Leonardo' are often mentioned in the same breath. After all, SAP Leonardo is the "Digital innovation system" SAP launched a short time ago.

Machine learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain, ... There are plenty of new technologies to differentiate yourself in an innovative way compared to your competitors. But... which technologies are truly applicable to your business? How do you make a difference for customers, employees as well as for your company? And how to discover whether your digital innovation will actually work, without investing heavily in it?

You can find this out in an accessible way through SAP Leonardo. The innovation platform brings next-generation technologies together with design thinking, expertise and services that ensure your business is able to efficiently transform in a digital way.

You like what you see? We're just getting started. Curious to find out how SAP will support your digital innovation? Have a chat with one of our experts.