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May 16, 2023

Seek and destroy problems in SAP S/4HANA Cloud with SAP Cloud ALM

Discover the value of SAP Cloud ALM for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

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At Amista, we operate as your trusted advisor.

Our goal is to help large organizations across industries deal with innovation and transformation challenges. 

We combine domain expertise with understanding of, and experience with, complete (customized) projects across many industries. We do everything from end to end, while you keep ownership and control. Boosting your organization’s performance, productivity and competitiveness, that’s what makes us happy.

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As an authorized partner and reseller, we specialize in a wide array of SAP products. Ranging from ERP to digital learning, we can help you find the right solution that fits the needs of your company and your employees.  

Below you can find an overview of what we can do for you. If you want to explore some solutions in more detail, don’t hesitate to request a meeting with one of our specialized solution architects. 

Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent and sustainable enterprise solutions will apply advanced technologies with best practices to break down departmental silos. This will allow you to adopt integrated business processes and, as a result, get everyone in the company on the same page. 

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Customer Experience

Delivering a complete customer experience is key in today’s world. Cross-channel and end-to-end, to put it into buzzwords. SAP CX offers a powerful software platform that will help you provide your customers with connected marketing, sales, and service experience.  

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Business Innovation & Integration

To get an edge over your competition, you need an agile platform that allows you to deliver innovation fast. The Business Technology platform combines application development, automation and integration in a single environment. This means faster processes, and faster results for you. 

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Digital Learning

Fostering digital adoption and upskilling your employees helps your company adapt quickly to change. Our digital learning solutions will help you actively train your people and prepare them for the future. 

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Discover the Amista methodology

Customers these days expect better solutions in a shorter amount of time. That’s exactly why we have defined our own project methodology. This methodology is based on best practices. Our solutions are innovative, focused on creating more value for both your organization and employees. Through small changes with a big impact, we spend less time achieving a higher ROI.

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We offer high-value consulting services and SAP solutions to reduce overall IT costs, improve business performance and operational productivity and efficiency. From strategic choices to managing applications, we use a pragmatic approach based on trust, transparency and quality. 

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To us, personal initiative, development and growth are key. You will be part of a professional and enthusiastic group of colleagues. All our consultants are passionate about IT and real experts in what they do. You will enjoy the space and trust we offer you to make a real impact on our organization. 

Do you want to work at a fast-growing company with a focus on people, fun and customer success? 

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Outsource your project and count on the expertise that makes your business grow! Amista is here to help you implement SAP-centric solutions from start to finish. 

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