• Automation of business processes thanks to software robots

    This week in the theme special 'IT Solutions' in Trends Magazine: “Thanks to RPA software, employees can focus on tasks where they have greater added value and the software can perform repetitive tasks many times faster around the clock.” - Pieter-Jan Deraedt, CTO Amista
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  • Integrate your IT landscape

    "We improved the scalability and efficiency of our IT infrastructure thanks to our collaboration with Amista. With the growth of our company, the need for the exchange of data between applications became more important. To improve the quality of data, we decided to integrate the various applications using SAP's iPaaS solution."- CIO, customer Amista

  • Reduce the complexity of your IT landscape

    Do you wish to improve the efficiency of your cloud solutions, reduce the complexity of your systems and lower the total cost of ownership of your IT department? We are keen to help you with it. It is time to move forward. Challenge accepted!

  • Meet your digital co-worker

    Improve process efficiency by automating tedious tasks!
    Do your employees lose too much time doing admin tasks? Enlighten your team by letting them do more valuable work! Download our brochure and get a closer look at how you can use SAP Intelligent RPA.

  • Evolve towards a responsive and efficient Field Service team!

    By leveraging SAP Service Cloud and SAP Field Service Management, we can help your company set up a responsive and efficient field service team, while you keep your customers satisfied. On top of that, it will save you time and money.

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